Immerse yourself in the world of real estate in Marrakech with our upcoming exclusive quiz. If your ideal property in Marrakech is a dream waiting to happen, this quiz will be your first step towards making it a reality. Have you or will soon visit Marrakech? Do you want to emigrate or invest in real estate in the red city? The goal of this quiz is to help you determine what type of property is right for you. Depending on your profile and your aspirations, you may discover that the aspiration you were considering, such as a luxurious villa, could give way to a surprising revelation: a Riad with authentic Moroccan charm, which would better correspond to your true self. expatriation or investment aspirations. This awareness could be the start of a real estate adventure in Marrakech as enriching as it is unique.

Find the ideal property in Marrakech: Upcoming property purchase quiz

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What is your main reason for investing in Marrakech?

Why choose Marrakech for your real estate adventure?

Marrakech, nicknamed the Pearl of the South, is a destination of choice for real estate thanks to the climate where the sun reigns almost all year round. This iconic Moroccan city also attracts with its architectural beauty and picturesque landscapes and is known to be a popular destination for French retirees looking to invest in real estate. Marrakech, with its dynamic entrepreneurial environment, attracts French entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities, being only less than 3 hours by flight from Paris. The city is a crossroads of trade between Africa and Europe, providing fertile ground for startups and innovative companies. Furthermore, Marrakech benefits from incentive policies, particularly in tax matters, making expatriation and business investment more attractive.

Before our upcoming quiz goes live, we invite you on a journey to the heart of Marrakchi real estate. Discover properties that are not just places to live, but unique experiences in their own right, each with specificities to know before investing.

Your tailor-made Real Estate Guide in Marrakech

You will soon take the first step towards discovering the type of property that best suits you for your future real estate purchase. The answers will perhaps surprise you or, on the contrary, they will reassure you in the idea you have of your future real estate purchase in Marrakech for your expatriation or your investment. To deepen your search, Real Dream House, specialized in real estate sales in Marrakech invites you to discover why it is wise to choose Marrakech as a city for your expatriation or your real estate investment and to explore an overview of our most beautiful properties for sale available in our online catalog. But do not hesitate to contact us, we are continually adding new properties for sale in Marrakech to our sales directory.

Finding an ideal home in Marrakech: What’s different from Paris?

Finding real estate in Marrakech offers a radically different experience from that of Paris. The property search process in Marrakech is steeped in the cultural and architectural richness of the city.

Unlike the City of Lights, where Haussmannian architecture and urban spaces define the market, Marrakech stands out for its diversity of properties, from traditional Riads in the Medina to modern villas in the Palmeraie.

At Real Dream House, we understand that the transition from a metropolis like Paris to a historic and cultural city like Marrakech can be complex. This is why our expertise in local market knowledge is essential to navigate this unique market. 

What criteria should you take into account to find your ideal home in Marrakech?

Marrakech. Some will want to acquire a primary residence to spend their retirement in the sun, others will prefer to buy a second home for their vacations. And finally, there are those who invest in real estate with the aim of earning rental income. But then what are the important criteria to take into account before buying? 

Renovated Riads in Marrakech: At what price and for which area?

At the heart of the Marrakech experience, the Riads reveal themselves as jewels of architecture and culture. These traditional or revisited residences, only nestled in the historic districts of the Medina (Kasbah; Mouassine; Riad Laarous; Jemaa El-fna, Bab Doukkala), offer a unique immersion in the soul of the ocher city of Morocco.

Some are to be renovated and others are already ready to be invested. Namely, those already rehabilitated offer better profitability when reselling or renting in Airbnb. But it will be better to know the history of the neighborhood and the Riad before purchasing it. Generally a 6-room Riad in a guest house located in the heart of the Medina will not cost less than 500,000 euros, unlike those in Airbnb which can be found between 250,000 and 400,000 euros. To qualify as a guest house, a Riad must have 5 bedrooms and 137m² of floor space. Moreover, the acquisition of a guest house systematically involves the purchase of the business in addition to the premises. This is managed between the notary and the accountant and it is strongly recommended to be accompanied throughout these administrative procedures. The price of a guest house depends on the Medina district, the floor space, the number of rooms and the turnover generated.

With our dedicated quiz, you could discover that the authenticity of a Riad perfectly matches your expatriation aspirations or your real estate investment project. 

The Villas of Marrakech: Reflections of luxury and diversity of the neighborhoods

Each neighborhood tells a story, and our villas are its jewels. They embody the diversity and refinement of Marrakech. Whether you have revealed a preference for the discreet luxury of the Palmeraie, or for the charm of Bab Atlas or even for the tranquility of the exteriors of Marrakech with the Route d’Ourika or the Route de Fez, our quiz has surely directed you towards this who best suits you based on your profile and your aspirations.

It is not surprising that the prices of a villa vary depending on the area in which it is located. However, if you are considering buying in the Palmeraie (around 20 minutes by car from tourist attractions), be aware that the rental investment will be much less profitable than a Riad, as the charges are higher. But also note that those who would like to buy in a non-urban or non-residential area, it is imperative that the villa be built on land with VNA for Europeans.

Moreover, you will be able to find more in-depth advice for your investment or real estate rental from luxury villa in Marrakech in our dedicated article.
The objective of Real Dream House is to accompany you towards the home that best resonates with your vision of a successful investment. 

Urban elegance apartments: What prices per M²?

In the quest for your ideal property in Marrakech, modern apartments represent urban elegance in the heart of the city. If your profile aligns with a dynamic and modern lifestyle, an apartment in the Guéliz district could be the perfect living space you are looking for. Basic prices per M² in Gueliz vary for new properties between 18,000 MAD (around €1,651) to 35,000 MAD (€3,210).

And for those who particularly appreciate nightlife and refinement, opt for Hivernage, a prestigious district of Marrakech where the largest and most sumptuous hotels are located there, such as the Palace de la Mamounia. You will also find very high standard residences there as well as all types of shops and night establishments such as the Epicurien and its casino. Prices per m² are nevertheless significantly higher than those in Guéliz.

Perfect for lovers of city life, these accommodations have cutting-edge amenities such as parking, swimming pool, rooftop and panoramic views with easy access to cultural centers like Atlas Golf Marrakech and commercial centers like Carré Eden. With tourism flourishing, purchasing an apartment in Marrakech represents a potentially profitable investment, either for short-term rental to tourists or for long-term capital gain. 


Urban or agricultural land?

If you are considering purchasing land to build your dream home, it is essential to consider its location. In Morocco, and particularly for European buyers, it is recommended to choose land in an urban and non-residential area. The acquisition of land in agricultural zones is restricted, requiring a special authorization called ‘non-agricultural vocation’ (VNA), which has become very difficult to obtain in recent years. For a real estate purchase in Marrakech, especially for a second home, choose land or a ‘titled’ property, that is to say with clearly established land registration. 

What are the fees and taxes to pay for foreigners?

Main residence:

When purchasing a primary residence in Marrakech as a foreigner, the costs include:

  • 3% agency commission
  • 6.5% notary fees.

These are broken down into:

  • 4% for land conservation
  • 1.5% notary fees
  • 1% registration fee

If you opt for credit financing, you will need to add 1.5% credit insurance, bringing the total notary fees to 8%. You must also take into account the trustee’s fees, which for an apartment vary between 150 and 600 MAD per month, and for a house in residence between 1,000 and 2,500 MAD per month.

Secondary residence:

For a foreigner acquiring a second home, the initial costs are the same as those for the main residence. However, the real estate capital gains tax (TPI) on resale varies between 3% and 20%, depending on the capital gain realized. The TPI is due even after six years of ownership, unlike the main residence where the TPI is not applicable if the property is resold after six years. 

Concrete case example

Let’s take the example of an apartment purchased for 1,700,000 MAD:
If this apartment, used as a second home, is resold the next day at the same price, a TPI of 3% would be due. If the property is resold after six years with a capital gain of 300,000 MAD, the applicable TPI would be 20% on the capital gain.

For the housing tax, it depends on the value of the property and the price per square meter in the neighborhood. 

Ready to make your investment in Marrakech?

At Real Dream House, we are dedicated to turning your dream of buying real estate in Marrakech into reality. Thanks to our in-depth expertise and tailor-made monitoring, we guide you at each stage of your expatriation or investment project. Contact us now for a free, personalized consultation and find out how we can bring your real estate vision to life. By choosing Real Dream House, you have the assurance of a harmonious transition in your search for the ideal home. 

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