Would you like to transform your living room into a contemporary, modern space? In this article, we give you 10 inspiring ideas for furnishing and decorating your living room in a trendy and stylish way. Whether you like mismatched furniture, bright colours or clean lines, here you’ll find ideas for creating a contemporary living room that suits you.

1. Tear out the furniture

One of the key features of a contemporary living room is the mix of styles and shapes. Dare to mix up your furniture by combining different materials, colours and textures. For example, combine a leather sofa with velvet armchairs or metal chairs. This approach will bring a touch of originality to your living room.

2. Choose an XXL sofa

The sofa is the central element of a contemporary living room. For a modern, comfortable look, choose an XXL corner sofa. This type of sofa offers generous space for relaxing and welcoming your guests. Opt for neutral colours like grey or beige to create a soothing ambience.

3. Add some designer armchairs

Complement your sofa with designer armchairs with clean lines. Choose ergonomic, minimalist shapes to create a contemporary atmosphere in your living room. The armchairs can be matched to the sofa or mixed and matched to add a touch of originality.

4. Go for neutral colours

Neutral colours such as white, grey and beige are safe choices for a contemporary living room. They bring a sense of calm and serenity, while allowing other decorative elements to stand out. Use neutral colours for the walls and basic furniture, then add small touches of bright colours.

5. Play with contrasts

To create a dynamic contemporary living room, play with contrasts. Combine light and dark, smooth and textured, matt and shiny elements. For example, combine a leather sofa with velvet cushions, or add a geometric rug to a light wood floor. Contrasts will add character and depth to your living room.

6. Use natural materials

Natural materials are very popular in a contemporary living room. Use wood, stone or metal to create a warm, authentic atmosphere. For example, opt for a solid wood coffee table, metal shelves or stone wall cladding. Natural materials will add a touch of elegance to your living room.

7. Create a luminous atmosphere

As with the design of the terraces in Moroccan Riads, lighting is essential in a contemporary living room. Opt for designer, functional lighting to create a warm, modern atmosphere. Use floor lamps, pendant lights or wall lights to create focal points in different areas of your living room. You can also play around with bulbs to achieve different lighting effects.

8. Add touches of colour

Although neutral colours are predominant in a contemporary living room, don’t hesitate to add touches of colour to bring vitality and personality to your space. Opt for colourful accessories such as cushions, rugs, pictures or decorative objects. Bright colours can be used in small touches to create visual accents.

9. Think about storage

A contemporary living room should be both attractive and functional. Think about incorporating smart, discreet storage solutions to keep your space tidy. Use wall-mounted shelves, furniture with built-in drawers or storage chests. These solutions will enable you to store your objects while preserving the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

10. Add original decorative elements

To bring a touch of originality to your contemporary living room, add some original decorative elements. Choose abstract paintings, modern sculptures, graphic rugs or designer mirrors. These elements will give your living room character and reflect your personality.


By following these ideas for designing a modern contemporary living room, you can create a stylish, functional space that reflects your personality. Don’t forget to play with contrasts, add splashes of colour and use natural materials to create a warm, authentic atmosphere. With the right lighting and original decorative elements, your living room will become a real contemporary haven of peace.

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