Have you just purchased a Riad to renovate in Marrakech or are considering transforming your outdoor space into a haven of peace worthy of the most beautiful guest houses in the Medina? The transformation of a Moroccan-style terrace represents not only an escape into a world of exoticism and relaxation but also a valuable opportunity to increase the value of your property. In this article, we reveal the secrets to recreating the magical atmosphere and authentic charm of oriental Riads at home. Discover how the harmony of warm colors, the choice of traditional furniture and the addition of elegant finishes can convert your outdoor surface into an attractive Moroccan terrace, significantly increasing appeal and value of your property.

Why opt for a Moroccan-inspired terrace?

In a world where everyday life can often seem monotonous, choosing Moroccan design brings a breath of fresh air, transforming any outdoor space into a true sensory escape. In Marrakech, these places, often embodying Rooftops, allow you to admire the breathtaking view of the lively souks or the picturesque streets of the city center, creating an atmosphere that evokes the very essence of the city. This unique perspective enriches the experience, offering much more than just a place to relax, but a window into the beating heart of the Red City. But what are the advantages of opting for a Moroccan-style terrace?

Increase the value of your property

Invest in a design of inspiration and Moroccan architecture is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a strategic choice to increase the value of your property. The unique combination of bright colors, traditional patterns, and natural elements typical of Moroccan terraces attracts attention, making your property more attractive on the real estate market. This transformation gives a distinctive character to your universe, distinguishing it from other properties through its style and originality. To discover properties that already benefit from this oriental enchantment, consult our page dedicated to you help find the ideal property in Marrakech

A place of relaxation and escape

Beyond the financial aspect, creating a corner inspired by Morocco offers a personal refuge where relaxation and escape are the key words. Imagine a space where the stress of everyday life fades away in favor of moments of tranquility, surrounded by a garden that invites you to daydream. It is a place designed for well-being, where each element – ​​from Berber carpets to poufs to raw wooden benches – contributes to creating an atmosphere of serenity and hospitality, reflecting the warm welcome of the houses of ‘Authentic hosts. By choosing to invest in the renovation or development of this part of your home, you are choosing to make your home a sanctuary of inspiration and relaxation.


The inspiration of Moroccan Riads

What is a Riad in Morocco?

A Riad, a traditional urban oasis, is distinguished by its architecture centered around an interior patio. This structure, designed for privacy and coolness, has inspired the design of outdoor living spaces that seek to capture this tranquil and secluded essence.

Key elements of a Moroccan terrace

Include plants such as cacti or succulents to inject an authentic oriental garden spirit, creating a natural link with the landscape of the Agafay Desert. Don’t hesitate to discover our properties for sale to get inspiration for their decorations

Colors and materials to choose

Authentic color palette

Choose earthy shades like terracotta, or blue and white which evoke the walls of Riads and the landscapes of Morocco, for a soothing visual harmony.

Natural and sustainable materials

Opt for sturdy materials such as rattan or bamboo and illuminate your space with a light garland for a bohemian atmosphere under the stars.

Transform your exterior into a corner of Marrakech

Imagine entering a place where each element tells a story, a place where tradition and modernity meet to create a unique atmosphere. Welcome to your Moroccan corner! Here is your passport to a magical transformation:

Your mission is to select furniture that tells a thousand-year-old story to invite Marrakech into your home: Low sofa, carved wooden table, wrought iron chair are ideal

Creative expedition to create the visual heart of your oasis. A true work of art hand-woven by Berber women, the rug is an essential choice in decorating your space. Do not hesitate to contact our partner Soukcircus

Find the perfect raw wood stool or sea yoke pouf. Create additional seats around your table

Suspension in braided fiber, small wrought iron lantern allowing you to play with light and shadow. Enhance the decor of your terrace with these essential accessories

Use brass mirrors to visually expand your terrace and embrace the panoramic view of the city skyline

Ready to create your personal oasis?

Embracing the style of a terrace in the oriental style transcends simple decoration to open the doors to a universe where tradition and modernity merge, creating a unique haven of peace. It’s an invitation to enhance the atmosphere of your home.

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